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What can I get with 500mb of data?

5oo MB data allowance allows you to:

  • Send 500,000 emails (no attachments)

  • Send 1,000 emails with photo attachments

  • Visit 5,000 simple sites (e.g. Facebook)

  • Visit 1,500 rich-content sites (like BBC)

  • Download 50 low-quality songs

  • Download 12 high-quality songs

  • Watch 60 short videos

Do you unlock Iphones

Unfortunatly we can only unlock IPhone 3G and 3S, as for the others you would have contact your network provider to get your phone unlocked. (Unlock = open to all networks)

How long does a repair take?

Generally our turn around is 3-5 working days from receiving the handset.  In some cases it can take longer, thats if we need to order parts or if we need a llittle more time to find the fault.